Going all Gap Yah

28 Jan

In 12 hours I’ll be on board my Boeing having launched the 34 hour voyage of peril to the other side of the world, that strange place where everything is, quite literally, backward (possibly in more ways than one).  I’ll be travelling through New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and… wherever else I happen to end up for the next four months, and I can’t bloody wait.

When I booked my flights four months ago it seemed like a distant dream that was never really going to happen, and now all of a sudden it’s here upon me and all I can think about is how I’m going to survive 3 days of plane food. That and thoughts of how I’ll live without the daily routine of squashing up against randomers on the red ant-like trail they call the central line…

20 years ago backpacking meant trekking through uninhabited wilderness, life (aka two pairs of underwear and a torch) on back and tales that would make Auntie Fanny and Uncle Bob wet their incontinent selves in shock. These days it’s more like carrying your kitchen sink in a suitcase. Five years ago it was all about the volunt-ar-ing on the gap yah dahling and now it’s a bit like going to your local Tesco – everyone’s doing it, the crowds are too big and you’ll jump at the chance of a buy one get one free.  Technology’s transformed the backpacker experience (I’ve been coerced into agreeing to a once-a-week Skype sesh with the parents) and it’s less about finding yourself on a deserted beach in Outer Mongolia than finding your iPad the day after losing it at a full moon party.

That said I’m convinced there’s still a lot to discover by travelling in the right places and I’ll be blogging my experiences of off-the-beaten-track gems to any faithful readers out there (provided I can actually work out how to properly use my Tablet).  I’ll also be taking things as they come and ditching the everything-must-be-organised-and-scheduled mode of working life, largely because I’m incompetent at said organised-and-scheduled mode of life.

What will these coming months bring? Wisdom? Love? Tarantulas? Somehow all three combined? Here’s hoping it will at least bring an ability to survive without too many general life fails (arguably an overly ambitious goal given my track record).  According to my reputation I’m more likely to lose myself than find myself – you’ll have to watch this space (as intently as I’ll be watching my Google maps) to find out whether it’s true…

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