Return to the homeland – first thoughts…

20 May

1) (Gatwick at 7am) 8 degrees? I’m going to get frostbite

2) Not sure how to cross the road – several months of alternating between right and left-hand driving has taken its toll and left me distinctly confused, as has the madness of Hanoi, Saigon and Bangkok where it seems zebra crossings are there to look pretty rather than to help the (little-known concept of the) pedestrian

3) Why are there no tuk-tuks, where are the moped taxis and why is no-one willing to barter with me?

4) I could have got two Pad Thais for the price of my cereal bar

5) On the plus side there is toilet paper in the toilets, a working flush and no ‘bum gun’ in sight

6) Roast dinner roast dinner roast dinner. And no more rice. Please.

7) CLOTHES. TV. Bed.

8) Commuting is still not fun, and being squashed up against random people in rush hour is still awkward

9) Talking to random people on public transport is no longer acceptable – this isn’t Vietnam or Australia, this is England. And this is the Tube.

10) I’ve actually missed London. I’ve definitely missed home comforts. And I guess I’ve missed the people…

11) But when can I fit in another trip?!


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