The adventure begins… South America here I come!

28 Mar

So the time has come to set off for the delights of South America on a four-month adventure!! I’m about to leave the comforts of home and the beauties of good old Essex for the mysterious, Tango-loving, party-fuelled gaucho world of Argentina, and I’m certainly excited – but also a little nervous.

First stop is Buenos Aires, where I’ll be spending three weeks learning the local lingo – not speaking a word of Spanish it’ll be interesting to see how I get on, but anything beyond ‘Sangria/paella por favor’ would be a plus. And if all else fails, my trusty friend the phrase-book will be there to lend me a helping hand (provided I don’t lose it on the way – which would be totally out of character, of course).

Next stop will be… God knows, I’ll see how I get on. All I know is that Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are all on the cards, and I’ll be blogging my way through the huge continent as I go, filling up long bus journeys with wonderful words for the perusal of your hopefully interested selves.

Currently I’m feeling a little daunted at the prospect of leaving behind the English-speaking world and everyone I know for several months… but I know it’ll be one hell of an adventure and I can’t wait.

So now I’m off for some long-haul flights, dodgy plane food and outdated films. And thus for now, adios amigos! BA here I come.

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